Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sending SMS via C# using Way2Sms / 160by2 accounts

simple way 2 send sms from the library as stated below....

currently it's working with 2 providers (tested) and working....

 for my personal use i used the below screen to send public IP .....

using SMSClassLibrary;  // namespace

// class name

ReddyInfoSoft ris = new ReddyInfoSoft();
            string res = ris.sendSMS("account id","pwd","sample with lib","to no","provider");
Note : way2sms and 160By2 was removed due to IP blocking....

Required Params : uid, pwd, phone, msg.
uid : your userid for the required sms provider
pwd : your password for the required sms provider

provider :
  1. Fullonsms
  2. Youmint
  3. Site2sms
  4. IndyaRocks
  5. SMSAbc
  6. Ultoo
All other providers will be removed soon, and requests sent to the server with providers other than these will return -11 : Unsupported Providers.

 phone : phone number whom you want to send sms. seperate multiple phone numbers with a comma (,)
msg : your sms message, unlimited chars. will be sent as multiple msgs if crosses the message length for any provider
Optional Parameters
codes : 1. Send this if you require a user friendly msg from the server. for example, if codes=1 is not provided the server will return the result as an integer.
 1 – SMS sent
-1 – Server Error
-2 – Invalid Username
-3 – Invalid message text
-4 – Login Failed
-5 – IP Blocked
-11 – Unsupported Provider  (Since March 1 2013)
Click here to download

for Bulk SMS  click Here updated.