Sunday, April 8, 2012

send sms using way2sms / 160by2 Desktop Application using C#

Hi this is the application to send SMS from PC to Mobile through Way2sms / 160by2 accounts.
I hope this will help you with out opening browser.

Note :- To run this application u need .net framework 4.0
I thought to do it in .net 3.5 but to run in 3.5 environment u need to down 250mb file but 4.0 is very less.

 1 = SMS sent
-1 = Server Error
-2 = Invalid Username
-3 = Invalid message text
-4 = Login Failed
-5 = IP Blocked
-7 = Cannot Send! Way2sms Captcha Detected (Since Jan 11 2013)

Download Link :-


Send SMS for Multiple No's at a time (updated) Click Here

if you need any modifications please inform me....


  1. i want code for this application. Please reply me for this

  2. Khushbu Patel do u need controls like tetbox, buttons... code? in this application or sms code?
    if u need sms code u can download smsclasslibrary from

  3. plz i want code of this i had try above link's code but its giving me exception at runtime its very urgent help me

  4. Wow I want to experience this, this is awesome, but my problem is, ( .net 3.5 but to run in 3.5 environment u need to down 250mb file but 4.0 ) I don't understand these stuff. What am I going to do with this. ^_^. But anyways I'll try the link you provided hope I can get it. Thanks a lot !

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  5. Hi khyati may i know the exception u had...?

  6. Hi ChermylleJazz (.net 3.5 but to run in 3.5 environment u need to down 250mb file but 4.0)means, if u want to run in .net 3.5 envronment .net 3.5 framework file size is 250MB. But .net 4 framework file size is 50MB only.
    In XP .net framework 3.5 is not installed, but in windows 7 it is installed by default.

    see the links

    if u didnt understand still. Leave it not a problem.

  7. ReddyInfoSoft ris = new ReddyInfoSoft();
    string res = ris.sendSMS("username", "pass", "your message", "sending to mobile no", "way2sms");
    Label1.Text = res;
    catch(Exception ex)
    Label1.Text = ex.Message;

  8. can you please provide a code for your dll doesnt work with the given code by you ..

  9. Does any one know the code for sending messages to multiple users

    1. Hi INSIGHT place coma(,) for each number

  10. @Ravi_Kabra::what packages we need to import at the top of code??

  11. @vara:
    instead of giving commas for multiple users can we get multiple numbers from the database???can you modify the code pls :(

  12. i cant to read received sms in gsm modem using hyperterminal......... pls help me out.......

  13. please provide this code in java or android it's urgent at

  14. hello sir this library is giving error code -11 while sending sms from both way2sms as well as from