Friday, November 30, 2012

Disable weekends/Public Holidays / Saturday & Sunday / change disabled date color in jquery UI DatePicker

Here i will show how to disable WeekEnds or PublicHolidays / Saturday & Sunday in jquery UI datepicker...
Change color of the Disabled / enabled dates of the datepicker...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Create Temporary Table(#Table) in Stored Procedure SQL Server 2005/2008

Here i will show how to create temporary table in Stored Procedure sql server 2005 / 2008

Syntax :

Create table #TableName
      --Colun Names

Here # is a must when creating Temporary table

EX : 

create proc SP_SPName
     // Parameters

   create table #TempTable

         ID int identity(1,1),
         Name varchar(250),
         Address varchar(500)

 drop #TempTable


#TempTable should be dropped else we will get ERROR while executing SP 2nd time..

Function that Splits string in SQL Server / Table Valued Function

In this post i will show how to split a String at certain character and shows the OutPut in as a table.
This is also known as Table Valued Function.

OutPut :

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Passing multiple records to a Stored Procedure / Passing DataTable to StoredProcedure / table valued parameters in sql server 2008 / SqlDbType.Structured

As the Title Says we can pass Multiple rows to a Stored Procedure or DataTable to a Stored Procedure by using SqlDbType.Structured... 
This is also known as Table valued Parameter which is introduced in SQL Server 2008

AutoComplete using WebServices in using C#

Here i am going to show you, how to use AutoComplete using webservices in, C# and jquery...

OutPutt : 

Jquerry Error / Success Message from ClientSide and ServerSide in ASP.Net

In this post i will show How to show round corner ErrorMessage and SuccessMessage in JQuery and the same Messages from ServerSide when error occurs and when the condition is true.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tool that generates StoredProcedure and C# methods for CRUD operations

This is the tool that generates SP and C# methods for CRUD operations. It is mainly used when there are lots of parameters are there. If parameters are more then it takes more time to create a SP for Insert, Update and Select. To make it simple with few clicks we can generate the code we need.
This may help some one......
This TOOL was Updated U can Download....

ajax call using jquery in OR Calling server side methods using JavaScript and JQuery in ASP.Net

As the title says ajax call using jquery in
Calling server side methods using JavaScript and JQuery in ASP.Net
In the Other Post showed how to call server side method using ajax calls with out parameters and it was used to bring the url to display the image after image was uploaded Asynchronously.

Now i will show how to check mailID is there or not in the DataBase.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Copy DataTable to Another DataTable with Specific Columns using

Previously in THIS post, showed how to ADD, UPDATE, DELETE in a DataTable using C#.

Now i will show how to copy data from one table to another table for specific columns only as for the requirement at some situations.