Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paging for First, Next, Previous and Last outside gridview with Buttons

From this post we can know how to make Paging for First, Next, Previous and Last for GridView.
·         Write a method to bind gridview manually.
·         Drag and drop 4 imagebuttons below gridview and change the button id’s accordingly.
·         In the grodview properties select allow paging = true as shown in the figure

ModalPopUp from serverside in Asp.Net (C#)

In the previous post to show modal popup from server side a lot of coding is given. Insted of writing a lenthy code here is a simple code to work the same as follows.

To use ModalPopupExtender to work from Server Side Code is quite simple once we know how the control can be triggered from the given code. Here we need to take a dummy control for the targetcontrokid for the ModalPopupExtender.

I used ASP.NET hiddenfield.

Sen bulk SMS via C# using Way2Sms / 160by2 accounts and more

In the previous post we can send single sms. But now it was updated to bulk sms and sms can be repeated.

as shown in the figure. and supports all the providers shown in the image.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Insert and Retrieve data from database using WCF Service in Asp / WinForms

Insert and Retrieve data from database using WCF Service in Asp.net || Beginner WCF Example to insert data into Database in Asp.net or Windows Forms.

To insert data into database using WCF service in asp.net, we have to do the following 3 steps as stated below:

1.      Create Database Table.
2.      Create one WCF service / Website (here website was created by me).
3.      Create Client Application (web / windows).

Create Database and One Table:
1.      Database name as wcfdb
2.      Database table as empinfo

create database wcfdb
create table empinfo
      empno int,
      ename varchar(150),
      sal float,
      deptno int

Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to create table in SQL Server with primaryKey and autoIncrement

Syntax to create primary key

create table tablename
     "Column 1" "data_type_for_column1" primary key,
     "Column 2" "data_type_for_column2"

Example :-

create table userinfo
   sno int primary key identity(1,1) ,
   firstname varchar(50),
   lastname varchar(50),
   designation varchar(50),
   sal float

Sunday, April 8, 2012

send sms using way2sms / 160by2 Desktop Application using C#

Hi this is the application to send SMS from PC to Mobile through Way2sms / 160by2 accounts.
I hope this will help you with out opening browser.

Note :- To run this application u need .net framework 4.0
I thought to do it in .net 3.5 but to run in 3.5 environment u need to down 250mb file but 4.0 is very less.

 1 = SMS sent
-1 = Server Error
-2 = Invalid Username
-3 = Invalid message text
-4 = Login Failed
-5 = IP Blocked
-7 = Cannot Send! Way2sms Captcha Detected (Since Jan 11 2013)

Download Link :-


Send SMS for Multiple No's at a time (updated) Click Here

if you need any modifications please inform me....

Sending SMS via C# using Way2Sms / 160by2 accounts

simple way 2 send sms from the library as stated below....

currently it's working with 2 providers (tested) and working....

 for my personal use i used the below screen to send public IP .....